Is it just me...

Tongue firmly in cheek for this one, but is it just me or do you get the feeling that Friday's just aren't quite what they used to be? The fun seems to have gone.

The day reminds me of that moment you climb a hill or mountain and think the summit is just over the next ridge only to find that a further mile lies between you and the chance to slump against the stones and admire the view.

There was a time when the end of the week was a moment to let the hair down, perhaps have a long lunch in the

pub, and leave the office that little bit earlier having patted your colleagues on the back and wished them a good weekend.

Now it feels as if the steam roller that grinds through the week is relentlessly pushing out every ounce of energy until the clock strikes five and you can head for the exit.

Personally I blame the web. This 24/7 non stop culture is all well and good but for those pedaling the content wheels the web knows no difference between a Monday or a Friday.

When I occasionally have a meeting in London on a Friday and get on the train to head back to the desk it always staggers me the amount of people heading home at 2.30 having finished their working day.

One man even said loudly to his colleagues on one trip "I Don't like the new gaffer and if they make me work beyond half two then that's it I'm off. I've never worked on a Friday afternoon in  twenty years and I'm not starting now."

That might be extreme but just a little bit of that attitude might be welcome on a Friday. 

This was first published in February 2011

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