It's government policy that employers have to be more flexible


It's government policy that employers have to be more flexible

The pledge by the Conservative and Liberal coalition to offer all workers flexible working should be the push the employers need to embrace the future.

The days when bums were kept on seats in stuffy offices are running out of relevance as the web takes over with the cloud the option to support most ways of working remotely. What is more the next generation of people coming into the workplace will demand change.

So from a reseller perspective this spells opportunity. Not just to sell hardware like laptops, smart phones and netbooks but also to provide the infrastructure at the back end. On a security front it all needs to work securely so there will be plenty of business there and for those selling software this is the moment to deliver the cloud vision.

Remote working has to take off more widely because without it the country cannot function as smartly as it will need to in the years ahead. It takes traffic off the roads but it also allows a degree of flexibility that UK Plc will need to deliver if it wants to remain competitive in a 24/7 world.

One colleague earlier described my ability to work from home as a bonus that was akin to a pat on the back for good behaviour. My reply was that it wasn't a bonus it should be a right. "Why?" was his reply. But as our eyes scanned a floor full of crouched heads slumped over keyboards it became obvious he should have been asking "why not?".

This was first published in May 2010

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