Jargon buster is a good idea but it misses the real target


Jargon buster is a good idea but it misses the real target

Earlier in the week, IT support company Barton Technology released a "jargon buster" designed to help small businesses and SMEs decipher some of the jargon in hardware, networking, software and licensing, backup, server applications and security issues.

Having had a quick scan, I can say it's harmless enough and does a decent job of explaining basic terms such as "server", "hard disk" and "anti virus software". The problem, to me at least, is that this isn't exactly the jargon I was thinking of when I was looking for a jargon buster.

Like many other people out there in the wider world, I find the language spoken by a lot of people in the IT world to have only a peripheral relationship with English as we know and understand it. Now, if someone would write a guide that enabled ordinary people to decipher the code that passes for language between people in the IT industry, I think it would be downloaded in the thousands.

What Barton appears to have missed is that the terms for products actually aren't that difficult to work out, it's the words around them, usually those deployed to try and describe the products themselves, that often stray into what appears to be some strange dialect of Martian or Venusian.

This was first published in July 2011

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