Just how helpful are these online communities?


Just how helpful are these online communities?

One of the best reasons for buying a Mac rather than a PC is that you get a half decent film editing suite and the nice Apple people will train you in how to use it.

Superb! A one to one session with an Apple trainer is worth any number of glib advice sessions from a training company. It's one of the great unreported scandals that IT training in Britain is generally dreadful. Nobody ever wants to talk about it, as they don't like to admit to being ripped off.

So, I'm ploughing a lonely furrow with that story...

Besides, I've now discovered that the film editing software you can get bundled with a PC can be rather good.

Cyberlink's Power Director is, by all accounts, a no nonsense basic package that does all you need a film editing suite to do.

When you've made your film, and dubbed on the music, it even has clever little functions that can analyse the beat of the music and align it with the tempo of the film.

But the best feature, for me, is Director Zone, which is a community of film makers - of varying talents - who share expertise. So you can get any help from anyone. In theory, anyway; I'm not convinced people in IT really like helping each other very much. 

How charitable is the community on Director Zone then?

I posted up a question: "How do I do that spinning newspaper effect they do on old Hollywood films?"

I'll let you know what quality answers I get. Not had any helpers yet.

Does anyone else know?

This was first published in October 2011

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