MACs win again


MACs win again

Now that the Migration Advisory Committee - MAC - has reported to the Government on what it believes should be the correct levels of non-EEA immigration, Home Secretary, Teresa May, has announced the Government's response.

In summary, new rules are being introduced from April 2011 to bring in a limit on the number of skilled non-EEA workers whilst squeezing the intra-company route into the UK.

The Government will virtually close down the points based system for highly skilled workers to all bar investors, entrepreneurs and 'people of exceptional talent'.

From April, only 20,700 skilled and highly skilled workers will be allowed into the UK, as will 1,000 'exceptional workers'.

There will also be a minimum £40,000 minimum annual salary requirement for those coming in via intra-company transfers.

I'm guessing that those applying as 'exceptional talent' won't want to stand for Parliament.... They would be over qualified, anyway.

This was first published in December 2010

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