MSN Money's survey of most annoying things omits corporate use of social media


MSN Money's survey of most annoying things omits corporate use of social media

MSN Money has produced a list of the 13 most-hated little rip-offs:

These include, being charged extra for not paying by direct debit, premium rate phone numbers and cinema food and drink prices.

Simon Ward, Senior Editor of MSN Money, commented: "At a time when every penny counts, it's clear that most of us are fed up of these little rip-offs."


Here's another one. Conference calls which ask you to dial a premium rate phone number. Why on earth would I want to pay 35p a minute to speak to someone trying to publicise his new social media for the channel programme?

That's why we haven't bothered to report the new communication service, by SocialOnDemand.

Which is a tragedy, because it's run by Olivier Choron, who has worked in every technology company that matters and has now founded PurechannelApps, so he probably knows what he's talking about. He says vendors should use social media skills, harnessed by his company's applications, to disseminate their messages to reseller and distributor partners.

It uses industry standard APIs from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, so it should be secure, and is being used on a trial basis by Trend Micro.

Ten More Hated Rip Offs (source: MSN Money)

1.      Hidden/additional flight fees 
2.      Insurance policy amendment fees 
3.      Ticket booking fees 
4.      Automatically added tips/service charges 
5.      Charges for petrol station air pumps
6.      Charges for using public toilets
7.      Foreign transaction fees on overseas spending
8.      Temporary 'bonus' savings rates
9.      Rental administration and reference fees
10.     Inflated postage and packing fees
You can find out more about little rip-offs at

This was first published in June 2011

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