Make 'em laugh: 28 years of MicroScope funnies (1)


Make 'em laugh: 28 years of MicroScope funnies (1)

The news that MicroScope is to stop producing a print edition from the end of this month (while continuing as a digital and online magazine) is a good excuse for a bit of nostalgia. As someone who spent 11 years working on Scope in the 90s and early noughties (and was there for the 10th, 15th and 20th anniversary issues), I have very fond memories of the title.

In addition to breaking some terrific news stories over the years, we also produced some very funny stories in the Soap section. Back in 1996, for instance, when Olivetti still made PCs, we printed this gem:

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the Olivetti PC company. An informant tells us the following story: "A company where I'd installed some Apple gear, which also had a couple of Olivetti PCs for the secretaries to use, called me to say it had been the victim of a robbery. I went down there and found all the machines had been taken away.

"What about the Olivettis?," we asked him.

"Oh," he replied, "the thieves used them to prop the doors open."

No surprise then that Olivetti sold its PC business a year later. 

As far as we know, it never went into the door stop business, but it has returned to the PC business in Italy and Switzerland and just last month, it launched the OliPad tablet computer. We don't know what it's like, but the acid test will surely come when thieves hit a company that has iPads and OliPads in the office.

This was first published in April 2011

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