Making a mountain where there might not be a mole


Making a mountain where there might not be a mole

Have you heard about the Google mole in Twitter? There's a load of stories about it. A quick search on Google News today (8 April) brought up 15 versions of the story.

Given the number of references to the story, you would expect there to be some pretty convincing proof, but actually, it appears to be mainly conjecture. Apparently, someone heard that Twitter was thinking of poaching two Google executives but even before it had a chance to make an approach, Google offered them both huge pay rises to stay.

Does this demonstrate there's a mole giving Google information about Twitter's recruitment strategy or that Google is merely ensuring that the people it wants to keep are given the motivation to stay?

The very cynical among us might think that if there was a mole in Twitter, their motivation might be to get Google to pay people a lot more money and increase their wage bill rather than actually seeking to recruit someone.

It almost makes me wish I was working for Google myself. If I was, I think I might get my own 'mole' to let someone in the company know I was being poached by a rival and wait for the big bucks to roll in.

This was first published in April 2011

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