Memo to Turner: You can run Windows 7 on an iMac. It's not a big deal


Memo to Turner: You can run Windows 7 on an iMac. It's not a big deal

Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner was in combative mood at the vendor's Worldwide Partner Conference last week, taking jabs at all manner of rivals, including Google, IBM, Oracle,, VMware and Apple.

On the latter, he made great play of an Apple reseller in a Latin American country showing Windows 7 on Apple's hardware. "I was shocked to learn that the reseller was selling Windows 7 on the Apple Mac hardware," he said, claiming it demonstrated "the importance of having a great OS".

Really? You could argue, as Apple resellers would, that it shows the importance of having good hardware that can run Mac OSX and Windows. They would argue it reassures switchers that they will still be able to run Windows as and when required even if they switch to a Mac.

Besides, it's really not that unusual a sight. I've seen a Macbook running Windows 7 in an O2 store in Dublin and an iMac with the Microsoft OS in a computer store in Dubai.

And let's not forget this is the man who said, at last year's Worldwide Partner Conference, of the iPhone 4: "It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their [Apple's] Vista and I'm okay with that."

This was first published in July 2011

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