Mobile ringtone advertising sounds like a nightmare


Mobile ringtone advertising sounds like a nightmare

The world of Minority Report is moving closer...

New research from the industry soothsayers at Juniper Research suggests that the ringback tone advertising market is set to increase in value to $780m per annum by 2015.

Ringback tone advertising is a format where consumers opt in to receive mobile credit or airtime in exchange for allowing branded content as their ringback tone.

This nightmare scenario is apparently proving quite popular. In Turkey, Juniper says, a Pepsi campaign on the Turkcell TonlaKazan service generated 25 million calls.

Would you want advertising jingles blaring out of your phone? Thought not.

I can think of one brand that would bloody love this...

All together now: "Go compaaaare!"

This was first published in January 2011

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