More changes to employment law - just not yet


More changes to employment law - just not yet

The Government considers that current law relating to flexible parental leave is too rigid and 'reflects outdated notions of parenting..and restricts employers'. As a result, it has launched a consultation on its proposals to reform the law.

A major plank of it's reforms says that once the early weeks of maternity and paternity leave have ended parents will be able to share the overall leave allowance between them. Presently, leave can be taken over a number of blocks and both parents could take leave at the same time. The proposals envisage employers being able to tell staff to take leave in one unbroken period if no agreement could be reached on when leave is to be taken. Further, employers will be able to ask staff back for short periods to help them cope with high demand.

There are other changes proposed. These can be seen in the consultation document,  Modern Workplaces. The consultation runs until 8 August.

This was first published in May 2011

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