Mysterious veil of secrecy shrouds voice based security invention as ™ launches ®

An anonymous software company has created a security product that uses your voice as a biometric identifier.

The system could support the development of mobile and online commerce by preventing fraud. It has also broken new ground by creating the first world's first regulated mobile identity database. This will let any trader verify a customer's identity based on their unique biometric vocal pattern.

Unfortunately, the company has imposed reporting restrictions on both the name of the system and even its own name. The company sent out press releases peppered with Trade Mark™ and ® symbols, in order to prevent anyone using their name.

Some reporters were baffled by the process of putting out a press release while simultaneously demanding anonymity.

"They must be either stupid, conceited or possibly both," said one magazine editor.

"What a shocking waste of time," complained another.

Many reporters and editors said they were baffled why any company would want to put out publicity literature which contained ugly off putting symbols that made you want to stop reading.

"Just to round things off, those symbols imply that you can't name the companies either," complained another editor, "Brilliant. What were they thinking?"

This was first published in December 2010

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