New campaign asks techies to come out the wiring closet


New campaign asks techies to come out the wiring closet

ANgry Woman password victim.jpgTechies lose a year of their lives, on average, trying to untangle their networks, according to a study by IT Footprint

The time is wasted on soul destroying brain dead activities such as retracing connections to switches, tracing cables, identifying duplex mismatches and investigating spanning tree issues. 

The study identified the amount of time that skilled engineers surrender to tedious, stress inducing fiddly jobs that tax their patience and rob them of their dignity. 

The top line conclusion was that, by the time a techie has become a network manager, he or she will have lost a year of their life to yanking cables and scraping their knuckles on the sharp cabinet edges.

In the coming weeks IT in Context will review some of the time saving solutions to this problem.

SolarWinds, for example, is one. It claims it can make tracking down users and switch ports quick, easy and reliable with a relatively cheap tool, the Switch Port Mapper.

SolarWinds wants you share your horror stories. It wants you to send photos and videos of the mayhem in your wiring closet, any time between now and March 9 for a chance to win some of the company's coveted geek gear.

Categories include Clean, Catastrophic and Creative cabling jobs.

Post it on on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, your own blog or website. Or indeed,  SolarWinds' online community, thwack. Then send the link on SolarWinds' official contest form, or simply attach their photo or video directly to the form.

This was first published in February 2011

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