Nintendo 3DS midnight launch: Is any gadget worth staying up for?

The very very early hours, actually minutes, of Friday morning could turn out to be a mugger's paradise with the news that more than 1,200 stores are opening at one minute past midnight in the UK for the launch of Nintendo's 3DS game console.

The stores are all over the UK, taking in places like Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leeds and Manchester.

Okay, so it's 3D but is it really worth queueing at night when you could pick it up the next morning? And what will employers think of Nintendo if a number of their staff come into work bleary-eyed on Friday morning having queued up for hours for the 3DS, taken it home and played on it for ages before snatching a couple of hours sleep?

Is any gadget really worth losing sleep for? The worrying thing is there are obviously quite a lot of people in this world who think it is.

This was first published in March 2011

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