Now is the time for conference calls


Now is the time for conference calls

In a conversation earlier this week with an industry source the conversation turned to using technology for call conferencing and the passion in the room went up a notch.

"Why aren't more resellers talking about video and audio conferencing? This is a technology that's time has come. Now is the time to be talking about it," he said with feeling.

Well if resellers take a look at recent research from Plantronics then the case for talking about conferencing calls is more relevant than ever.

Plantronics found that 84% of UK office workers quizzed revealed they are more reliant on conference calls than ever before but, and here's the reseller opportunity, 85% did not have supporting technology to help carry those calls out.

Paul Clark, general manager at Plantronics, said that calls had to be useful and engaging but technology also played a crucial role.

"A staggering number of people are wasting their time, and that of others, by holding ineffective calls. As well as providing the correct supporting technology, businesses should try to teach staff the fundamental rules of conference calls to get the most out of what can be a cost effective and productive way to do business," he said.

So if you are looking for a topical sales pitch, want to sound authorative with some research at ytour finger tips then you could do a lot worse than talk conferencing.

This was first published in July 2010

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