Okay so there is no money but how about some legal help


Okay so there is no money but how about some legal help

The decision by the government to make copyright holders cough up the majority of the funds to chase net pirates is one that might cause the film and music industry problems but not the software world.

Those trying to fend off piracy and the spread of unlicensed software have been funding that fight themselves for a long time.

The BSA, FAST and individual vendors like Microsoft have gone out there year after year and hit pirates where it hurts without any handouts from the government. So the decision to make copyright holders pay 75% of the costs and ISPs the other 25% in the piracy fight is no great shock.

Where the government can make a great deal of difference is in supporting the software industry with the law. Money would no doubt be welcome but is it more legal support and moves to make things more difficult for pirates that will make a great deal of difference.

This was first published in September 2010

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