Prepare to redecorate; Cisco wants into your living room!


Prepare to redecorate; Cisco wants into your living room!

Wallpaper paste at the ready. A £350 home telepresence system could be gracing your living room in the near-future if remarks made by Cisco worldwide operations veep Rob Lloyd last week are anything to go by.

Speaking at a Reuters technology shindig in California, Lloyd said the vendor was currently testing a home system that would "just plug into your television" with a view to launching soon.

This comes almost exactly a year after Lloyd's boss John Chambers said the vendor would become more aggressive in the consumer space.

However, some analysts have already declared themselves sceptics, saying that a costly home device would struggle to compete in an area dominated by cheap-'n-cheerful services such as Skype.

But Rob Lloyd pointed out that the high-tech device could solve troubling latency issues experienced on many systems, and it would certainly be a boon to long-distance learning in places such as outback Australia.

Home workers looking for a higher quality communications experience - or who just want to impress the boss - will probably also be interested.

The only small problem that I foresee is that current enterprise installations of Cisco TelePesence seem to require a rather drab beige wall covering in the background, presumably to enable the quality HD imagery to shine through.

So any home working channel execs who have particularly exuberant taste in home decor might want to get the decorators in.

This was first published in May 2010

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