Quicke? No that's not me.
I'm busy collecting the deed poll details just in case any of my social networking activity embarrasses me so much I have to resort to changing my identity.

This might sound extreme but according to Google boss Eric Schmidt he thinks children will have to change their names later on to distance themselves from earlier tom foolery online. Bearing in mind many employers use social networking as one of their checks before offering a job it could be something that starts to happen.

He talked about being more forgiving of youth but to be honest there might have to be a bit more forgiveness of those slightly longer in the tooth.

A couple of weeks ago a tech PR from the other side of the pond decided to moan about a shop online abusing the owner only for the rest of us to watch as many of her followers hit the unfollow button.

She might well be thinking of distancing herself from that episode but a name change seems a little extreme.

From MicroScope's newest correspondent Sherlock Hubbucket.

This was first published in August 2010

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