Revised shortage occupation list


Revised shortage occupation list

The Migration Advisory Committee has advised the Government that the Shortage Occupation List should be revised to restrict migrants from outside the European Economic Area to a smaller proportion of occupations within the UK labour market.

This means that the list should soon be reduced to cover 190,000 employees [not migrants] or well under one per cent of the UK workforce. In 2008, before the MAC recommended changes to it, that list covered over one million employees.

The occupations in the list are the only positions open to migrants from outside the European Economic Area under the shortage occupation route of Tier 2 of the of Points Based System and Tier 2 is subject to an annual limit of 20,700.

The latest MAC recommended list provides a more detailed breakdown of the sectors of the labour market affected by shortage. This has enabled the MAC to identify individual job titles rather than broader occupations.

The list is more selective than before: it is targeted specifically on those job titles where there is currently a clear evidence of shortage.

This was first published in October 2011

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