Rich app could help negotiate your way into heaven


Rich app could help negotiate your way into heaven

orange-clive.jpgHere's Clive Rich, a legendary showbiz agent who has never lost out in any negotiation. Now he wants to empower IT salesmen  

Clive Rich is probably the first man who could negotiate his way into heaven and get a camel through the eye of a needle.
Now he wants to share the secrets of his success with you. For just £2.99 iPhone users can buy his new killer app Close My Deal, a portable confidence boosting toolkit for anyone involved in deal making and negotiating.
Sales skills are rarely taught and they're not exactly a laugh a minute when they do materialise. Clive Rich can offer a wider perspective on this universal skill. His experience comes from 25 years in one of the most cut throat businesses there is - the entertainment industry. It's not unknown for promoters to dangle rivals out of windows in order to clinch an agreement.
Rich has worked with Simon Cowell, Sony, My Space and The Royal Opera House to develop an App which could help you get more of what you want when making business deals, selling your car or even buying a house.
Close My Deal, he promises, comes with six 'killer' features:
•       a profiler to chart your personal negotiating style
•       a how to win step-by-step guide to developing professional negotiating skills;
•       a tough guy emergency service for combating bully boys and stop them in their tracks; a game plan to help you take control and get a better win;
•       a practical coach/ problem solving tool for showing you why negotiations go wrong;
•       a 'who holds the aces' tool to help you analyse the balance of negotiating power so you can play to win.
 "We all negotiate all the time these days. This app will help you make deals happen and win on your terms," says Rich.

This was first published in November 2010

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