Right now green is about saving money not icebergs


Right now green is about saving money not icebergs

It's always been the case that green when it worked was because it saved money and managed to fit in with the customer agenda to cut costs on both the energy and datacentre cooling front.

So the conclusion of the IBM conference into sustainability reinforces that situation, making it clear that if you were hoping that firms would buy green on the basis of doing good for the planet then you might be waiting a long time.

The opportunity therefore seems to be the one it has always been, which is to tie in the green sale with reductions in costs in other parts of the business.

There might come a time when people want to buy green for the sake of the planet but in these tough economic times that is not right now.

"Save an iceberg guvnor?" doesn't sound quite as good as "save some money?" 

This was first published in September 2010

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