Scores on the (redundancy) doors


Scores on the (redundancy) doors

Any business planning to make staff redundant needs to note a recent case that caused the employer some angst.

In the case of Pinewood Repro Ltd T/A County Print v Page, the worker, Mr Page, was selected for redundancy following a scoring of all employees.

Mr Page wanted to see his scoring, which he was given. He subsequently queried the results with a particular concern relating to the categories of [his] ability, skills and experience. The company responded, but without giving any proper explanation of the scoring process and why he was selected.

This led to an unfair dismisal claim by Mr Page that was upheld by both the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeals Tribunal. The reason? Because Mr Page wasn't given proper explanations behind the processes, he couldn't adequately dispute his redundancy selection.

The lesson for employers is that they should always explain, as fully as possible, the reasons for a redundancy that is to be made.

This was first published in November 2010

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