Security always seems to start with education


Security always seems to start with education

Back in the days when all that really mattered was plugging your firewall in and switching your anti virus on there were still plenty of people who could not be bothered to protect themselves.

That left resellers often embroiled in the task of having to provide user education to those that were being laissez faire about their security and led to revisions of security policy and in some cases a discussion with staff about data protection for the first time.

But as things became even more complex the need to switch on the defences, keep them up to date and review their effectiveness became even more vital. So when you find out that people are still not bothering to take the required steps it p[perhaps does not come as that much of a surprise given the history.

According to the Office of Cyber Security a whopping 80% of attacks could be kept at bay if companies invested in simple defences. The stress is on the word simple there because disappointingly this is not rocket science firms are being asked to do just a case of making sure the firewalls and anti-virus is in olace and doing its job.

The conclusion is that of course there is an opportunity for the channel here but in many respects it involves doing what they have been for the last decade and knocking on doors and delivering some education. Mind you back when they were doing it first time round that education was the free part of the pitch that hopefully ended up with  sale. These days with the buzz words around managed security the chance might be to get a bit of money for that education.

But for many in the security channel it feels all a bit 1990ish as they go back to the conversation about doing the basics. For most companies the consequences of not doing it right are far more worrying than just a few teenage virus writers trying to show off.

This was first published in December 2011

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