Sell Cell Sel


Sell Cell Sel

Ever wondered why some products sell better than others? Well web entrepreneur, Charles Duncombe, the man behind the Just Say Please group, has found that just a single spelling mistake on an online shopping page can halve sales of that product.

Apparently, Duncombe tracked visitors to his website and found that revenue doubled on a given product once a typo had been corrected.

Duncombe reckons that online traders are losing millions of pounds each week, if not each day, because of poor standards in spelling. Duncombe thinks that it's all down to trust which bad spelling doesn't engender. Good spelling convinces visitors - in the six seconds that websites have to capture visitors attention - that a firm, and its website, is reliable and trustworthy.

Not unsurprisingly, Duncombe finds it hard to recruit the right staff - many applicants think it a good idea to use text-speak on covering letters and others can't spell without a spell checker.

Let's hop that ther are no erors in this blog.

This was first published in July 2011

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