Shock, horror, Zuckerberg kills the food he eats


Shock, horror, Zuckerberg kills the food he eats

There's a bizarre story all over the web today about Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. It seems that he decided that if he wanted to eat meat, he would kill the animal himself. Well, if you were extremely wealthy and wondering what to do with your time, it might seem like a good idea too. Especially if you like to set yourself a different challenge every year from wearing a tie every day (easy, 2009) to learning Mandarin (more difficult, 2010).

According to Fortune, Zuckerberg says he's killed a pig, a goat, a chicken and a lobster. The lobster was the first thing he offed. In an email to Fortune, Zuckerberg said the spur for this slaughter was a pig roast at his house where guests said they liked eating the meat but didn't like to think of the pig being alive. Zuckerberg argued people should take responsibility and be thankful for what they eat rather than try and ignore where it came from.

Laudable though this may be, there is a danger he might start applying that attitude to everything he consumes. Next thing you know, Zuckerberg will be demanding to go and visit the factories where computers, iPods, phones, cars, fridges etc, etc are made. Maybe he'll make them himself as well. 

And I wonder what he would think if all the Facebook users out there took some "responsibility" and demanded to see the company's systems for themselves?

This was first published in May 2011

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