Sleeping with the enemy?


Sleeping with the enemy?

It's dangerous territory but a recent survey from Staffbay, a jobs website, found that a good number of respondents were happy to (try to) sleep their way to the top. Not surprisingly, men came out as indicating that 30 per cent would undertake this form of career progression whilst a relatively minimal 8 per cent of women would do the same.

The survey, detailed on Management Today's website, doesn't give the sample size interviewed, but nevertheless it raises the question of how 'popular' this form of career progression is. One area not touched upon was the perspective of the manager - would they use their patronage to get some carnal bragging rights?

There are, of course, many underlying dangers for employer and employee alike - the employee might not get the promised position, the situation could turn sour and the employer could be left to pick up the pieces and of course, it could end up in a tribunal.

This was first published in September 2011

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