Some bribery might be OK after all


Some bribery might be OK after all

Bribery is bad - we all know that. We also know that the Bribery Act was postponed - see BusinessMan February 23 - because of the delay by the Ministry of Justice in producing guidance in what are acceptable practices in the eyes of the law.

That guidance is now out and the Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke, has said that he does 'not expect a large number of prosecutions and certainly not for trivial cases'. Further the MoJ has said that the Act will now take effect on 1 July 2011.

According to the guidance, it appears that the Act is designed to stop bungs, bags of cash or material items being given in exchange for business or special treatment - anything that might be considered a corrupt practice. It is not, according to the guidance, intended to stop corporate hospitality such as might be found at Twickenham, Wimbledon or at a Grand Prix race.

This is all good news (and I'm available for Silverstone on 8 July).

This was first published in April 2011

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