Support as well as cuts needed to boost UK Plc


Support as well as cuts needed to boost UK Plc

The Prime Minister David Cameron has proved he doesn't know how to pick a winner when it comes to the horses but you hope it might do a bit better when it comes to helping British business.

Cameron is making one of his first speeches about business today arguing that the last government led everyone in the wrong direction and leant to much on the public sector leaving industries like manufacturing behind.

Now I don't want to get political because there is an immediate point that can be made about a certain Mrs Thatcher and her attitude towards manufacturing. But to focus on the general theme there is something of interest here for the channel.

If you think about it perhaps the balance between public and private sector does need addressing. There is an argument about how you do that by building one up or cutting down the other but anyway that is one general theme.

But the other, which has been one waiting to be discussed more widely, is what sort of mixture of businesses do we need in UK Plc?

The throwaway cliche about us not making anything in this country anymore is one that does need to be examined and some sort of policy formulated. If, as we all would want, the current coalition sets its sights on developing and supporting a mix of businesses it would be a positive step.

But the crucial word there is 'support' and what we will wait to see after the coverage of this speech has calmed down is just how the creative IT industries will get the help they need to grow and expand.

You can't create a growing economy by just cutting spending.

This was first published in May 2010

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