The responses to the Spending Review call for IT to be used


The responses to the Spending Review call for IT to be used

In some ways the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) reminds you of a FA Cup Final. You get the weeks and weeks of build up with the TV pundits on the day going into overdrive, the event itself and then the post-match analysis.

In this case the result of the game was pretty much known before kick-off. That didn't stop the pundits starting the hot air going and sure enough the in-box following the ending of the CSR started to fill up with responses from the great and the good.

To try and summarize it for the benefit of those that didn't get bombarded with messages here is what the industry thinks:

1. IT is fundamental to helping government cut waste
2. IT is fundamental to delivering government efficiencies
3. The cuts were understandable given the size of the deficit
4. Those in the public sector with IT and telco skills should find jobs elsewhere in the private sector
5. The government should by products from XXXX and it's problems will be solved.

Let's be honest most of them were really about point 5 but put that to one side and the response seems to be one waiting to see if the government, having made some tough decisions, will now make some sensible choices about the way they will deploy technology to help trim costs and improve efficiencies.

This was first published in October 2010

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