There's more to IT projects than cutting costs


There's more to IT projects than cutting costs

Interesting to see that cost-cutting has slipped down the agenda when it comes to investing in IT, at least according to the Pearlfinders Q1 Technology Index. The Index, which monitors trends and opinions in the IT world, says cost-cutting is now the lowest priority.

While customers still look for technology to deliver efficiency, supporting growth is now the highest requirement. Of course, the phrase "deliver efficiency" can have fairly chilling overtones for some as it does tend to result in costs (and jobs) being cut but the emphasis on growth is welcome.

Unsurprisingly, cloud computing was the most in demand technology, leapfrogging virtualisation. This may account for the slight shift in tone from decision-makers investing in IT projects as, according to a recent Cloud Industry Forum, cost-cutting was not the primary cited by users using or looking at cloud computing. The biggest factor was actually "flexibility".

While I don't think we're mucking about with semantics here, it's probably fair to say that without a cost case lurking in the background, none of these technologies or projects would get off the ground. In other words, it's probably still there but people aren't talking about it as loudly as before.

This was first published in April 2011

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