This means we have to suffer more politics and uncertainty


This means we have to suffer more politics and uncertainty

So what the commentators and political pundits thought might happen has and we are now enjoying the first hours of a hung parliament for the first time since 1974.

Through the mists of confusion a couple of things are already clear:

* This means more uncertainty

* This means more politics

The first is not good for small businesses, in fact not for any size of operation, as the public sector and customers wait to make their spending decisions. The delays caused to decision making as a result of the last month's campaigning now have the excuse to continue.

Already SME lobby groups like the Forum of Private Business have been out this morning talking about the damage that a hung parliament will cause for those firms it represents. They were already worried about the lack of clarity around taxes and red tape and that is set to remain an issue.

Those at the coalface have also been quick to comment this morning about how it will cripple those selling into the public sector because they will be waiting to see if its a case of cuts now or later.

But for the majority of us the hung parliament spells one thing: more debate, more hot air and more politicians talking at us via the television and internet. The last four weeks have been an endurance test in terms of staying with the campaign and you suspect had it not been for the televised debates interest would have flagged after the first few days.

Now we can all look forward to today and potentially the entire weekend taken up with talking heads discussing what might happen. What will happen is that today most people will get back to work and get on with it. The sooner the politicians do the same the better.

This was first published in May 2010

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