This user will remain ignorant


This user will remain ignorant

Top ten lessons on Securely Managing Email go unheeded


Leon Rishniw VP Cloudmark.jpgHere's Leon Rishniw, senior vice president of engineering at Cloudmark who says it's vital that email is properly managed to protect assets and ensure employees remain productive.

In support of this cause, he has provided a list of ten tips for IT managers.

1. Employees must be educated, says the IT man
2. The marketing department must also be educated, he insists.
3: er, I stopped reading after points one and two, because I felt a little insulted on behalf of this employees and marketing department.

I'm sure Mr Rishniw has the best interests of the company at heart. But surely he can make his point without sounding like he's patronising end users.

There's something really irritating about IT managers who assume people should 'Read the manual' and they they should be 'educated' because they don't spend all their time exploring operating systems.

Or is it just me?

Do I need educating?

Here's some good stuff about Cloudmark DesktopOne software:

This was first published in November 2010

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