Time for more "Adventures in Baggs!"


Time for more "Adventures in Baggs!"

As Lord Sugar's annual publicity stunt rolls unstoppably towards its terrifying conclusion, last night saw The Brand, or Herr Baggs as he is now popularly known, team up with Jamie and Chris, the other remaining boys, in the Apprentice's annual no holds barred scavenger hunt.

With the boys racing all over London in disarray - at one point spending hours looking for an obscure US periodical instead of a taxi driver's manual - and Chris and Stuart telling some whopping fibs in order to try to get the best price, it seemed that they were cruising for a firing.

However, some bad negotiation on the part of the girls meant that Herr Baggs once again avoided Lord Sugar's withering stare, and in a truly bizarre sequence, went skipping through Paris arm in arm with Chris and Jamie whilst wearing a horrible beret and some ill-advised shades.

Next week sees our man apparently donning a holiday camp rep's uniform and asking passers-by if they fancy a taste of his jellied eels.

Lord Sugar's search for his apprentice continues...

This was first published in December 2010

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