Time to change the record justifying the cuts


Time to change the record justifying the cuts

Walking past the Houses of Parliament this lunchtime on the way to a meeting with Oracle in the Millbank Tower there were Unison and Unite union representatives waving placards and flags.

The basic thrust of their message was "don't break Britain" but as the TV crews set up opposite to discuss the cuts you felt that their pleas were going to fall on deaf ears.

When I became editor of MicroScope the advice I got from the publisher at the time was to blame anything people complained about on the previous regime. Although friends with my predecessor it did become tempting to blame him for things that people complained about.

But fair has to be fair and after a while had I kept that up things would have gone too far and he would have been nothing more than an excuse for making changes based on trying not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

That is happening now with these cuts. No one disagrees that cuts have to be made but by just standing up and continually blaming the previous government for measures that are now looking slightly savage and in their own way political is not sustainable.

Blaming the previous government has been used now for the last six months and is getting a bit tired. The decisions being made with these cuts are the current government's and no one else's and although forced they had some choices in where to make them.

After tomorrow at least we will have something to look at and discuss but like those waving the flags outside parliament today you wonder who will be listening.

This was first published in October 2010

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