Time to think about the World Cup and its impact on the network


Time to think about the World Cup and its impact on the network

If there is one thing that always goes hand in hand with the World Cup it is some research about the likely impact the tournament will have on British business.

There are figures that predict how many people will throw sickies to stay at home to enjoy the competition and the amount of time wasted by those watching games while they should be working on other things.

With the tournament just a matter of weeks away, although if you watched the Mexico game last night then perhaps more time to prepare would be welcome, the warnings are starting to emerge.

One of the more practical comes from Ipswitch which warns that there can be a great strain placed on networking infrastructure with staff viewing video streams and the like. So the vendor has launched a World Cup Network Traffic Calculator for IT managers that is designed to help predict and plan football related surges.

With this being the first World Cup to be streamed live online the prospect for some serious slowness to networks is quite considerable. The calculator should help those that are grown up enough to accept that streaming will happen. The other option is of course to try6 and block it but it's those things that can poison company morale.

So with the World Cup just weeks away the options are clear for IT managers, get prepared, use tools like the ones from Ipswitch. The alternative might involve keeping fingers crossed and hoping for an early England exit and a fair amount of staff sickness.

This was first published in May 2010

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