Tru promises to end scam of ripping off mobile phone customers when they're abroad

Tru has launched a new range of contract plans which, it claims, will give mobile users an alternative to the extortionate roaming charges.

Any customer of a UK mobile operator who uses their mobile for voice and data abroad is currently clobbered by massive voice and data charges. They only discover this when they get their bill a few weeks after getting home. Tru (formerly Truphone) has based its marketing strategy on a promise to end the roaming rip offs by offering flat rates.

The new contracts are aimed at encouraging UK businesses who operate internationally to adopt Tru's packages. Tru claims it can offer savings of up to 80 per cent.

[Editors note: I bought a SIM4Travel card from Easyjet when travelling to Spain. Used it once, I thought Next time I went to Europe, I put it back in my phone and found all my credit had gone.  Oh well, maybe I did use it. Who knows? 
So I bought another £20 of credit. Used it sparingly. Now that £20 has been wiped, too. Suddenly, a pattern seems to be emerging.
A spokesman for the company said it's company practice to wipe all your unused credits. So, in effect, they charged me £40 for two phone calls. Now that's a roaming rip off, if ever I saw one.

The owner of Sims4Travel? Truphone. Now trading as Tru.]

Tru, the consumer's champion, eh? I'm not sure about that.

This was first published in May 2011

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