Vasco reckons it's right for e-commerce security


Vasco reckons it's right for e-commerce security

Most of the world's ecommerce shops need certifying, says SSL merchant Vasco - and we're the right people to do it.

Authentication specialist Vasco is launching into the SSL and EV SSL markets across the globe.

Hang on. Who 'authorised' Vasco? Vasco specialises in software, not SSL certificates. After all those years of authenticating strangers, has it suddenly turned native and started faking IDs? Did they get bored with the authentication business?

No. Apparently, Vasco's new confidence is not misplaced. It recently bought Dutch security outfit DigiNotar, a specialist in internet trust gizmos. Now Vasco's dying to apply its newly-acquired powers.

Who wouldn't? We're all a bit like that when we've just bought something new. Look out, fraudsters and imposters. Vasco's got your number now!

Vasco bought DigiNotar in advance of a massive boom in for its services, driven by a surge in volumes of sensitive data put online just as our faith in Internet security plummets. These two tectonic shifts will have people crying out for better protection.

They'll create a massive groundswell of interest that could lead to an eruption of cash, for Vasco and its resellers, as insecure traders buy Vasco's new CertiID SSL and EV SSL certificates as a way of beating off the conmen.

According to Vasco, it has 10,000 likely prospects in its customer base.

How does it work?

The certificates add an extra layer to their web security, by identifying the server and encrypting the data transport between the end user pc and the server.

You can buy Vasco's CertiID SSL and EV SSL certificates ">from Vasco or ">Diginotar.

"DigiNotar's certificates are the most reliable in the field," says Vasco president Jan Valcke, "the quality of our offerings and our flexibility will win us a foothold in the SSL certificate market."

This was first published in June 2011

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