Want to hack a computer? Hire an accountant


Want to hack a computer? Hire an accountant

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PwC (AKA PriceWaterHouseCooper, AKA Monday) is teaching its staff computer hacking.

Brilliant idea!

Hacking is a fascinating, sexy subject. Most of us are sensible enough not to do it, but you have to admit the idea is exciting. Hollywood has made films about computer hacking. There was even an episode of The Sweeney which featured a young John Hurt as a computer nerd who gets bullied by a criminal gang.

No-one's ever made a thriller about a compliance officer or a security consultant. 

So hats off to whoever it was at PwC who thought up this awareness raising scheme.

More details below.

While other accountants, management consultants and tax advisers around the City might be having just another breakfast meeting this morning, PwC's staff are taking part in live hacking demonstrations.

Usually accustomed to advising clients on cyber security and helping to protect from hackers, PwC's OneSecurity experts are bringing best practice guidance in-house by teaching colleagues all about the serious impact of data loss. 

The live demonstrations named Don't be tomorrow's headline, are being led by Jay Abbott, director of PwC's threat and vulnerability management team, at the firm's Embankment Place office. 

"We all have a personal responsibility to protect our own work and that of the wider firm and our clients," said Abbott."Something as simple as completely shutting down your PC each night, rather than just closing the lid if it's a laptop or putting it on sleep mode, negates the threat of hackers being able to hack into your system and steal your data."

This was first published in April 2011

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