What to do when the service provider says gerroff my cloud?


What to do when the service provider says gerroff my cloud?

Hey, hey, you, you, get offa my cloud! Not my words, but the words of a service provider that decides you are surplus to their requirements, for whatever reason.

But the of process of moving between cloud offerings is punishing, says Vladimir Jirasek non executive director CSA UK & Ireland and member of CAMM. As is moving back to the internal service (internal cloud). 

"This is especially painful in SaaS where the application is bespoke and export of the data is not standardised," says Jirasek. Salesforce, for example.

"I see the migration from SaaS application as huge hidden cost that will bite many companies should they ever dare to leave the SaaS provider!

"The cost, complexity and disruption of migration from SaaS might be so huge that the company will rather stay with the cloud provider, being effectively locked in for a long time."

However, there's good news if you are in PaaS and IaaS. "The lock in is not as big problem as there is more standardisation on the platform and infrastructure level," he says.

This was first published in August 2011

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