What to do when your partner is a transvendor


What to do when your partner is a transvendor

problem lady.jpgDoes your vendor like to cheat on you or dress in reseller's clothes? Tell our problem lady, who will deal with all your relationship, commitment and margin problems.

Welcome to the Channel's first problem page. In this we intend to deal with all matters social, sectional and marginal.

Our first letter comes from Sys, who has problems trusting their partner:

"Dear Problem Lady,

I'm a reseller, and I've been at my wits end. The problem is my partner's lack of commitment. I suspect there are others involved.

Recently, I've been living at a client's site.

One day, I came 'home' unexpectedly early, and found my partner swanning about in my clothes, pretending to be a reseller.

My partner is a big strong manufacturer, but confessed to liking get in touch with their customer side. After a while, my partner admitted a taste for going direct.

I'm absolutely gobsmacked. Where does this leave me?

Systems Integrator

Dear Sys,

This is quite common.

It sounds like your partner is a Transvendor.

It's actually perfectly harmless - one per cent of the time.

In most cases, though, you should be worried. Because your partner will cheat on your again and again. And eventually they'll discard you, like the husk of a sucked orange.

Will do you something for me, luvvie? Don't get involved in another relationship where you do all the work and then you end up getting hurt.

I would find a nice partner, like Vadition, which is honourable and supportive and understands how resellers feel. Vadition is a distributor who will stand by you and encourage you to grow as a reseller. It recently launched a deal registration system to protect resellers.

So even if a transvendor moves in on clients, your interest is already registered and protection is guaranteed. But only if you can qualify your interest. For example, if you've already had your first date (meeting) and a plan is place for engagement (proof of concept or trial).

Some partners swing and claim clients as their own, even though they've not done the business with them for a while.

In addition - Vadition runs 'Drive Velocity' a dating service which allows partners to make dates with prospects and register them directly onto a portal - Partners are rewarded directly with incentives and marketing funds - so they can go out and play the field even more!!

You could also try Astaro, which recently appointed Vinod Chamdal, as sales director for the channel. Vinod is a decent sort and will stand by you and help you grow.

Will you write and tell me how you got on, too?

Are there any decent Vendors and distributors out there?

Email, tweet and respond with your positive stories.

This was first published in November 2010

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