Where MeeGo now if Intel shifts to Android and Windows Phone 7?


Where MeeGo now if Intel shifts to Android and Windows Phone 7?

I confess to knowing very little about MeeGo apart from the fact it used to be Intel and Nokia's next generation OS for smartphones and tablets. Most of the time when MeeGo has impinged on my consciousness it's been for negative reasons, such as Nokia abandoning it a while ago in favour of developing phones for Windows Phone 7.

Continuing the trend, MeeGo has got my fleeting attention again because, according to reports in DigitTimes, Intel plans to "temporarily discontinue development" of the OS to focus on hardware products that will work with Android or Windows Phone 7. This is partly because handset and PC vendors don't seem very interested in MeeGo right now.

I wonder just how "temporary" that discontinuation will prove to be. If Intel is very successful with Android and Windows Phone 7 what would be the incentive to go back to MeeGo?

So where is MeeGo heading? Only Intel knows, but right now, Intel appears to be going somewhere else.

PS Another confession: Part of my interest in writing about MeeGo was the headline potential it offered.

This was first published in September 2011

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