Who is smuggling Androids into the Enterprise? No, it's not the Klingons

Fans of old fashioned business technology, who like to work on desktop PCs, enjoy speaking to people on the phone and refuse to communicate via Facebook or Twitter have been cleared by an enquiry of smuggling Androids into the Enterprise.

The group - known collectively as The Klingons, because of their server hugging mentality - were widely suspected by IT managers and CIOs of smuggling Androids into the enterprise, but a forensic examination of their IP records found there was no case to answer.

Now CIOs, who are desperate to deal with the problem of smartphones being smuggled into their organisations, are back to square one. The level of threat to security has been elevated to Dramatic.

"The consumerisation of IT is gonna break us, captain," said Enterprise CIO, Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott.

David Ellis, director of new technology and services at Computerlinks, said the proliferation of alien gadgets, like smartphones and tablets, is a problem that many organisations must wrestle with. "If you take people's devices off them you could neutralise their productivity," he said.

This was first published in June 2011

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