Why can't some VARs get support from their partners?


Why can't some VARs get support from their partners?

Whenever you chair a round table between an IT vendor and its channel partners, the same issues are raised time and again. Whatever happened to the co-op funding you promised us? Why are we always the last to know about changes? How come I didn't know about the new launch until I read it in MicroScope.

Here Tim Warner, M86 Security's UK VP Sales, answers some of our questions.

[Personally, I think you might need to meet him in a pub and pour a few drinks down his neck to loosen him up. But there you go].

"M86 Security is committed to supporting all of our resellers," says Warner. "We offer many resources, free of charge, to help our resellers get started in promoting our solutions. Examples include sales and technical training via our M86 University as well as on-going sales, marketing and technical support."

The M86 PartnerFocus programme's main aim is to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between M86 and resellers, through a combination of hands-on sales, marketing and technical support that partners receive - including webinars and joint prospect/customer visits - from M86 and UK distributor, Vigil.

The Marketing Development Fund (MDF) was launched in October 2010 and provides a fund to support the most creative and innovative marketing ideas put forward by our channel partners. This supports existing channel partners but also enables new reseller partners to kick-start their M86 business by gaining marketing support to generate new sales opportunities, even before they've signed up their first customers. M86 runs a central fund that rewards the best marketing ideas, to support new business development. Sales training is available via our M86 University, accessed through the partner portal and we also offer on-site training sessions at our reseller offices.

Any partner, irrespective of its tier, can earn rewards via M86 Channel Rewards. Points are rewarded for new business sales and can be redeemed in an online catalogue against a whole range of products and services.

The M86 PartnerFocus programme is composed of several elements which benefit our partners' businesses and underpin the partnership. The programme includes six key benefits: Tiered Product Discounts/Margins, Certified Training, Not-For-Resale equipment demo kits and licenses, access to M86 PartnerFocus portal with new UK specific content, simple and robust deal registration and MDF."

This was first published in October 2011

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