Why the word 'recovery' is coupled with the description 'fragile'


Why the word 'recovery' is coupled with the description 'fragile'

Increasingly it is not possible to talk about recovery without adding somewhere in close proximity the word 'fragile'. Things might be getting better but that comes with a fair amount of small print.

The small print of course includes caveats like the public sector cuts being made sensibly using technology to save money rather than just cutting the IT allowance. It also comes with some warnings about the X factor which is when the great unknown blows things off course. That is yet to happen but with a coalition that is yet to be tested it could well run into unforeseen problems.

The Intellect state of the tech nation report has come out with the warnings about taking things steady as they go but has some good news for those selling software and those increasing their cloud skills.

If I was asked to produce a report about the future then after trying to fill up as m any pages with intelligent sounding summaries of different sides of the market I would conclude with the following sentence:

"The market remains optimistic but is all too aware of how the state of the economy remains on a knife edge. We all want it to work and this report is designed to add to general feelings of confidence."

Of course no one would spend time and money on it but it's not too far off what Intellect have said but of course they said it with a great deal more intelligence.

This was first published in May 2010

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