Will it be a happy new year for Cisco?


Will it be a happy new year for Cisco?

As the excitement of the quarterly results season dies away, one of the last big industry hitters, networking sector bellwether Cisco, will be unveiling its first quarter results later on this evening, and all eyes in the industry are turning to just what CEO John Chambers will say.

As regular readers of MicroScope will know, the outspoken Chambers was among the first to call the bottom of the recession and discuss the possibility of a tentative recovery, and his words carry considerable weight in our sector.

At the end of its fiscal 2010, Cisco attracted some negative attention after it came in slightly under expectations, meaning that it failed to make as much dosh per share as Wall Street analysts had hoped.

John Chambers also sounded a more conservative note that usual on the state of the global economy, although he flat out denied that there was a double-dip recession looming.

The demands of the financial markets mean that Cisco will be under pressure to show an improvement later on; at the time of writing, analysts were calling for earnings of 40 cents - approximately 24p - on total sales of $10.74bn.

Both these figures would be well up on the numbers this time last year.

Cisco has by all accounts had a decent quarter, with several headline announcements including the launch of its Umi home telepresence system, which will test once and for all whether or not it can truly play in the consumer space.

As always, I will be reporting for MicroScope in detail tomorrow morning.

This was first published in November 2010

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