World Cup security a valid concern but don't kill the fun


World Cup security a valid concern but don't kill the fun

The World Cup could provide an opportunity for more than just audio visual and networking resellers with security concerns about the football competition now coming to the fore.

A warning from LANDesk mentions that deadly combination of words 'security meltdown' to describe what could happen from this Friday as staff start engaging with every social media site they see if it's got a football connection.

Think I exaggerate then look at the numbers: according to LANDesk almost half (48%) of all downloads in the workplace are non-work related potential security threats.

So what do you do?

Option one, surely the most audacious, is to tell staff that the World Cup has been canceled due to a combination of structural problems at the stadiums and some of the teams suffering too many injuries. Security risks might be reduced but so will the loathing for the managing director.

Option two, which is no doubt a design agency approach, is to encourage staff to dress uyp and spend the next few weeks watching games while they try to squeeze some work in. Security risks are high and productivity is likely to be low.

Or option three, the one most will go for, which is to tighten up policies surrounding the way employees interact with the web.

LANDesk has already seen evidence of this with the majority of UK organisations introducing strict policies limiting the use of social media (73%) and internet downloads (89%).

That might well keep things secure but don't throw babies out with the bath water and remember it's summer, its football, it's meant to be fun and goodness knows the last 18 months have been bad enough without a World Cup ban to contend with.

As LANDesk shows there is room for concern but set out the policies and show some flexibility should be the strategy managers choose not a shut up shop and defend the goal at all costs.

This was first published in June 2010

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