Would you like data insurance with that?


Would you like data insurance with that?

The channel has long known the challenges getting credit insurance but moves being made by Sony could potentially force insurers to consider the risks of providing cover for those handling large amounts of customer data.

According to wire reports Sony is looking to its insurers to pay out on some of the costs, which some estimates have placed at the $2bn mark, it has incurred through its recent data breaches.

Insurers are unlikely to pay out without a fight but the prospect of firms looking for compensation in these circumstances has raised the spectre of data insurance becoming an issue.

Resellers of course will have an opportunity to sell the right tools and solutions to help reduce data breaches and that sales pitch will only be strengthened if Sony gets some money out of its insurers.

All eyes will be on what happens next with the real prospect that large retailers could be having some interesting chats with their insurers and the channel might have another angle, along with compliance and ICO fines, to talk of the need to look after data. 

This was first published in May 2011

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