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  • The channel needs to get the virtualisation market running again

    One of the problems that often occurs with technology is that the focus of the sale is all about the benefits, reducing costs and delivering greater efficiency, and there is not always enough discussion about the details. Take virtualisation for ins... 

  • Is predictive analytics for the future of BI?

    by Peter Walker, UK country manager, Information Builders Business intelligence (BI) projects remain a priority for many organisations, with areas such as predictive analytics gaining traction as more and more companies look to leverage their existin... 

  • Five minute interview: Ian Wells, Veeam

    An interview with Ian Wells, of Veeam 

  • Content is king? Not with this mumbling monarch.

    In the first of a regular series of guest columns, digital media guru Elle O'Elle of Zeitgeist 2.0 gives her lowdown on Colin Firth's stuttering performance in The King's Speech Is it me or is the King's Speech massively over-rated? The story limps... 

  • How would Churchill deal with the Hitlers of today's technology industry?

    Stuart Finlay, author of What Churchill Would Do, says there are many parallels between the technology choices of today and 1939. Winston Churchill had a genius for spotting inventions, especially technology which could hurt the enemy. But, unlike hi... 

  • Screen of death?

    If you're reading this, you're a brave man or woman indeed. Yes, you're one of life's risk takers. But before you start picturing yourself alongside the likes of a highwire walker, trapeze artist or sky diver, a little context is required. It seems t... 

  • You know your technology but could you write a book?

    Here's Stuart Finlay, gutsy client director of Thus, who ignored the experts and published his own book, What Would Churchill Do? He's had the last laugh too, as he's made a profit and done his career profile no harm at all. 

  • New relationships could change business intelligence predicts Gartner

    Here's a poster from a summer movie, the plot of which could match the story arc of the journey of business intelligence into maturity - if the Gartner Group is right. Business Intelligence is going to forge new relationships which will change it for... 

  • Why Novell's acquisition makes sense

    By Bertrand Diard, Co-founder and CEO of Talend Attachmate has announced that it plans to buy Novell for $2.2 billion. 

  • A global fight against piracy needs to be exactly that

    If you were drawing up anti-piracy legislation that was going to be global there would be a few countries that you would aim to get on the treaty. Near the top of the list there would have to be China, which is seen by many as one of the main places...