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  • 4G to drive BYOD and desktop virtualisation growth

    Comms-care managing director Ben Davies looks at how 4G mobile services could affect take-up of other technologies among end users 

  • Keep taking the tablets: mobile dumbness isn't terminal

    New research suggests that tablets make our IQs lower. What a brilliant idea – there's no better way to keep the workers down than an electronic cosh, says Nick Booth 

  • Innovation, not litigation is the way forward

    After Apple and HTC buried the hatchet in their smartphone patent dispute, Billy MacInnes argues for a return to innovation instead of litigation 

  • Wireless, wireless, everywhere

    Wireless traffic surges wherever people gather to talk, which, says Nick Booth, means the smallest room will need an access point 

  • Does anyone really believe IT departments are leading the charge for mobile and tablet adoption?

    People in IT departments might like using tablets but that does not mean they are leading the charge to have consumerisation roll out across the rest of their organisations, writes Billy MacInnes. 

  • The case of BYOD versus CIO

    If you love court room dramas, the trend for bringing your own device through the company firewall offers rich potential, says Nick Booth. 

  • Microsoft's Metro mystery

    Microsoft may have to rename its Metro UI after a trademark dispute with a mystery European company. Billy MacInnes is on the trail. 

  • NHS Finance Management isn't the envy of the world

    There were some complaints about the depiction of the NHS in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. Maybe people were upset that the dancers were all dressed up as nurses and patients. 

  • Dedicated followers of fashion

    It’s hard for a CIO to say no to users who’ve been whipped into a frenzy by the style magazines. When all the other CEOs got iPad 3s for Christmas, how do you explain why they can't have one? 

  • Microsoft's Android patent bonanza

    Here's an interesting stat: according to Microsoft, it now has patent agreements with OEMs that account for over half of all Android devices. Including its latest deal with Compal, Microsoft has patent agreements with 10 Android device makers. ...