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  • Is cloud computing infrastructure made of brick or of straw?

    Cloud computing is on its way to being the dominant means of accessing IT in the 21st century, and so a major source of revenue for IT resellers, integrators and service providers. 

  • Making money from the cloud

    It seems as if the whole of the IT world has become thunderstruck by the cloud. 

  • Is Extreme Networks the unsung hero of the applications revolution?

    Here's Tina Green, who earns billions every year as the big name at retail giant Arcadia. That bloke next to her is her husband, Philip. Philip Green was on TV recently, being interviewed about his multi billion pound retail empire. He was treated li... 

  • IBM predicts the future - there may be five trends: one for each major city?

    Keen historians will remember the story of theIBM executive who looked into the future andpredicted that, one day, there would be as many as five mainframes in the world. One for each major city. So it waswith great excitement that we noticed a new s... 

  • Dial M for Merger - UK Cloud companies set to be acquired predicts report

    US companies are expected to be the dominant purchasers of UK tech firms with Cloud related technologies expected to be the most attractive purchases - says a report Deloitte's biannual survey of UK technology companies, launched today, reports that ... 

  • There's no Cloudburst in sight, says rainmaker

    Here's Mark MacGregor, CEO of Connect, and widely regarded as one of the industry's top rainmakers, giving his thoughts on cloud computing. McGregor has cast a suspicious eye on the analyst projections for cloud growth and wonders how these tie in w... 

  • Trend tightens up defences for virtual desktop infrastructure

    Trend Micro has announced a special promotion on virtual desktop security. 

  • The clouds threaten to snuff out the data centre manager

    Carbon dioxide might threaten the existence of the planet as we know it, but the flip side is even worse for the men in the data centre. The build up of potentially lethal CRCs (carbon reduction commitments) could devastate the data centre indus... 

  • Does cloud mean anything to the masses?

    If there is one thing that you have to give Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer credit for it is his very public attempts to link the vendor with cloud computing. The vendor was criticised in the past for being slow on the uptake with emerging technologie... 

  • The vertical cloud sale

    The industry used to like the phrase; get big, bet niche or get out' and it might have some place to play in the cloud era. The talk up to now has been of private or public clouds but there could be a vertical pitch emerging as well. The experiences ...